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For example, it was discovered that the inability to fit furniture through elevator doors is a major reason for returns. So the company made size adjustments to its products. While many organizations view customer care as a cost center, Article sees it as a differentiator.

The company eschewed conventional contact center metrics like average handle time or answer speed.

Strategy, Innovation and Competences for Business Value

The company was profitable two years after its launch, and in it ranked No. However, the company is hardly in cruise mode. Worried about your new sofa getting stuck in the doorway? Other companies like Target and Walmart have acquired or partnered with delivery startups. Amazon, which controls about half of e-commerce sales in the U. Also, it already built a massive logistics business through its retail operations and third-party marketplace. By maintaining control of the delivery process, Article says it can deliver products and resolve issues faster.

In its pilot program, ADT was able to make deliveries two days faster than an outsourced delivery partner. The company plans to introduce the ADT program to other North American cities over the course of 18 months.

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Some competitors have partnered with store owners to create highly curated showrooms. Others have tried pop-up shops. Article, however, must balance its drive for finding innovative solutions with the mundane aspects of running a business. Directly controlling the customer experience also entails handling all the challenges associated with each department, from recruiting and training personnel to managing and coordinating all the departments, while also solidifying lasting relationships with customers.

But rather than worry about what other companies are doing, Prochazka says Article is focused on continuing to improve its customer experience. Trend Watch 5 ways to create a standout customer experience. I can see all sides here. At the same time, there are SEO copywriters who never deal with strategy.

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A more experienced copywriter content strategist? For instance, new SEO copywriters may not be ready to set strategy quite yet. Additionally, a content strategist may be looking at more than just Web copy. For instance, she may provide Twitter or Facebook recommendations — but not necessarily be the person penning the tweets.

What say you? Is there a difference between being a SEO copywriter and a content strategist? Experience levels? The type of work being done? Or something else? Some great points, Heather!

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The discussion on LinkedIn provided me with a great take-away, though:. Whether we agree on where the line may exist between content strategist and copywriter or if there even IS such a line , we all seem to agree that a professional [insert whichever term suits you] should be doing much more than simply putting words together. They need to be weaving together a strategy which in the end, results in conversions. Bob is a perfect example of what I consider to be a content strategist. It was a great post — no surprise it started a debate.

Just an opinion here of course, but I think of content strategists as being concerned with much more than copywriters. Copywriters can write for all of those, but a content strategist should be concerned with the presentation of the material, where it is housed, and a number of other factors, right?

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Thanks for your comment. Or, if they would agree that content strategy is a different animal… :. One that Heather very clearly outlined. Hey Art — thanks so much for your post. If they choose to delve deeper into SEO content strategy — they can do that, too. Great post, Heather! As the social web continues to push business owners, Public Relations pros, and marketing people like myself more and more towards QUALITY content, the debate between SEO copywriter and content strategist gets hotter and hotter.

In my opinion, the difference between an SEO copywriter and a content strategist are in their roles. Sure, a full service content strategist may offer copywriting services, or a full service copywriter may offer strategy services, but strategy and execution are two separate things. Thanks, Gary. Totally agree. I think social media has played a huge part in the way people consume and create content.

We certainly agree with both parties on the subject. Most competent and talented copywriters are ALSO content strategists. The big difference is when it comes to selling your copywriting service!

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It may be a gross oversimplification, but think of it like this: charge twice as much and sell to half as many as an artist or charge half as much and sell to twice as many as a mechanic. I love your perspective — thanks so much! Hey Heather great post by the way. Copywriter can also be great strategist. Its all about the capacity and ability everything can be done! Okay: I write content, web copy, and sometimes, even newsletters and email marketing templates. On top of that, I am in-charge for developing strategies for our content marketing department.

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I analyze Google Analytics, make monthly reports, and coordinate with our social media manager about what gets shared online. What am I? I love what I do…But then there are times where people ask me what my profession is, and I end up being confused myself. I would say I am definitely a content strategist.