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The tenor Watson sings with a reedier voice and noticeably different background singers, but the song still sounds great. When is a greatest hit not a greatest hit?

Matt Haig: ‘I kept thinking, can’t my own mental health advice help me?’

When we plunk down money to relive a song, do slight differences reinvigorate that song or suck the air from our memories? Since Watson remade these songs for blatant financial reasons, does that somehow invalidate the songs as art? Watson and Johnson have grouped the songs into little thematic units, so that Gene Watson songs from different years converse and comment on one another.

Watson made this album with money on his mind, but he opens it with a suite of songs discussing the evils of money and the virtues of poverty. He also enjoys wine in both songs.

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The first-ever collection of holiday tunes from Josh Rouse is as cool as you might expect. And you don't need to put up a tree to listen to it.

DIARY OF A U-BOAT COMMANDER - FULL AudioBook - Greatest Audio Books

You can listen to it in spring and still enjoy it. Adam Bradley's The Poetry of Pop works for what it obviously wants to be, a primer on American popular music. They may be as different as night and day, but California's Banks and Sweden's Zara Larsson had the same, successful effect on Denver-area crowds over a five-day span in September. Linda Fiorentino pulls out all the stops and delivers a tour-de-force performance in John Dahl's gripping neo-noir, The Last Seduction , a film full of blue moods, dark humour, and hairpin turns.

British pop artist Samuel Jack shares "In My Head", a slick pop ballad that's a fitting reminder you are never alone. As part of the upcoming benefit album Blanket the Homeless , the Stone Foxes shine through the atmospheric, rhythmic rock of "Million Dollar Shoes", a song that sets the spotlight on the San Francisco Bay Area's homelessness crisis. A raucous new favorite, Fontaines D.

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Los Angeles folk rock trio, the Dales deliver the majestic single, "Easy Times". Band co-founder Drew Lawrence says, "I decided to turn it all off and focus on the good things, the ones around me that I love. For an artist whose discography spans continents both literally and stylistically, there was one reliable thing: Ginger Baker knew what was needed, and if he had to invent new ways of forcing rhythm to the forefront, that was his job.

Steve Perry | Fan Asylum

Yahoo Web Analytics web. Once you've mastered Google Analytics, Yahoo's similar offering gives you a little more depth in your surveying. It offers better access control options and a simpler approach to multi-site analytics, raw and real time data collection unlike Google, you can import cost of goods data , visitor behavior and demographics reports and customized options as well.

Yahoo Analytics is a bit of a step up from Google in terms of profiling, filtering and customization, so for those looking to dig a little deeper, it's a great option. Crazy Egg crazyegg. In short, Crazy Egg allows you to build heat maps and track your visitors every click based on where they are specifically clicking within your website which is a long way of saying that you're exploring your website's usability.

It allows you to really see what parts of your site users are finding most interesting and clicking on the most. It can help you to improve your website design and in essence conversion. Setup is quite simple as well, and their day money back guarantee on all accounts is a nice touch. Compete compete.

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Perhaps best known for publishing the approximate number of global visitors to the web's top one million websites, Compete is a great complimentary tool to clickstream analytics offerings. Compete gives you creative intelligence on what your competitors are doing or how your users ended up on your website in the first place what their clicks were both before and after.

There is a free offering that includes traffic volume data. But where Compete is different is in their search analytics, a paid service that lets you track what keywords are sending users both to your website and to your competitors.

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Google Website Optimizer google. Another free tool from the folks at Google, their Website Optimizer is a complex testing service that allows you to rotate different segments of content on your website to see which sections and placement convert into the most clicks, and at the end of the day, the most sales.

You can choose what parts of your page you want to test, from the headline to images to text, and run experiments to see what users respond best to. Google Website Optimizer was another unanimous favorite from our panel of web analytics experts. Optimizely optimizely. A relatively new service launched in June , Optimizely is simple to use but its results can be quite powerful.

As a business, you can create experiments with the site's very easy-to-use visual interface. The beautiful thing about this service is that you need absolutely zero coding or programming background, as the tools are easy for anyone to use. Kissinsights from Kiss Metrics kissinsights. One of the easiest tools you can implement it literally takes a one-time Javascript install , the idea behind Kissinsights is to provide businesses with an easily implemented and customized feedback form for website visitors. On the businesses end, you can manage all of the questions you're asking customers through a single and simple dashboard.

The best part of Kissinsights is that your customer feedback comes in via very simplified and short comments. Surveys are a powerful way to glean important insight from your customer's actual experiences on your site, and they offer short and simple surveys that answer the four key questions you want every customer to answer:. ClickTale clicktale. A qualitative customer analysis, Clicktale records every action of your website's visitors from their first click to the last.

It uses Meta statistics create visual heat maps and reports on customer behavior, as well as providing traditional conversion analytics. If you're using Facebook for any part of your business, this is the simplest free offering from Mark Zuckerberg's team in terms of analytics. It provides very detailed information about your follower counts, likes, comments on posts and more.

There are two different types of Facebook Insights, based around both users and interactions with your content. Really, this is the best and only tool you'll need if you're using Facebook content to help engagement with your customers. Twitalyzer twitalyzer. The most complete application for measuring impact, engagement and influence on your Twitter usage, Twitalyzer is a free analytics dashboard with detailed metrics. Similar to Facebook Insights, Twitalyzer gives a higher view of your account's impact on customers, based on followers, retweet level, how often an account replies and engages in conversation, and more.