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Queen of Storms. King of Ashes. Wrath of a Mad God. The Legends of the Riftwar.

Honored Enemy (Legends of the Riftwar, #1) by Raymond E. Feist

The Darkwar Saga. Talon of the Silver Hawk. Shadow of a Dark Queen. Shards of a Broken Crown. Rage of a Demon King.

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Rides a Dread Legion. Rise of a Merchant Prince. Murder in LaMut. Krondor the Betrayal:. Into a Dark Realm.

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Jimmy the Hand. He receives his order late in the day and leads this men on a forced march to the fort. He wonders why his troops are being sent there, but figures that it is just another round in the Great Game.

Magician by Raymond E. Feist (Riftwar book 1) - Tome Talk

Bovai is a moredhel elf and commander of the Clan Raven band of Dark Brothers. He has overrun Brenden's Stockade and killed both the Islander inhabitants and the Tsurani besiegers. Now he has set an elaborate ambush for anyone who shows up at the fort. In this story, the Marauders approach Brenden's Stockade first and quickly learn that the Dark Brothers were responsible for the final slaughter. The Tsurani troops under Asayaga show up soon thereafter. Given the circumstances, they form a temporary alliance against the Dark Brothers and flee the vicinity of the fort. Dennis leads the combined forces to the north.

That way would take them to the moredhel lands, but it is the only way not covered by the superior numbers of Dark Brothers. The Islanders and Tsurani bypass a wall closing the pass and overwhelm the moredhel defenders. The joint forces successfully resists the first attempt to take back the position and then rest overnight in the barracks behind the wall.

Gregory takes Richard on a raid of the Dark Brothers forces and they kill a few trolls and a moredhel before returning to the barracks.

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Later, Gregory and Tinuva ambush some human mercenaries and capture two horses. This tale provides backstory for the Riftwar. The characters in Magician play only a slight part in this volume. While the actions in this book are outside the purview of the main story, they are even more exciting. This story is complete in itself. Other volumes in this subseries relate various aspects of the Riftwar.

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This is what Fantasy should be about! From Amazon I really don't think this is a 5 star but it is better than a 4! Feist is writing at the level here of his original trilogy and the Serpent War Trilogy!

Honoured Enemy

I want to warn you, although this does take place on Midkemia, it isn't about his characters in his previous books! The story flows very smoothly with tons of action and it is a great war novel! That is what it is, it a a story of the Rift War and it was way overdue! There are some items that are trademark Feist, you find in a lot of his stories but if you are a fan of his, you don't mind them.

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He does good character development and has you taking sides quickly and then understanding the other side before you know it and cheering for them! I strongly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed!!! We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

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