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On day there are uninfected survivors on the planet. This grim version of the model assumes that there are no geographic boundaries like oceans or mountain ranges that might slow the zombie apocalypse down.

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The students modified the model to see what would happen if geography separated people into three zones. They assumed that zombies could not cross a boundary until there were at least , zombies in an infected zone.

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Once again, the model started with one zombie in Zone A. The uninfected did a little better in this scenario but not by much. Again, nothing much happens for about three weeks and then the zombies increase exponentially. About a week later the zombie population decreases slightly as they try to make their way into Zone B. The respite is brief and the zombies quickly resume their exponential march stagger?

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The pattern is repeated when the zombies move from Zone B to C. After days, there are uninfected people in the world.

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But wait. There are a number of things missing from these models. Finally, if they can survive long enough, people can replace some of their losses by having babies. The students published a second paper in the Journal of Physics Special Topics that took all of these factors into account.

Births were modeled by assuming that the uninfected are equally divided between males and females, that half the uninfected are in a position to make a baby at any given time, and that half of the females are capable of having a baby. They also assumed that females could have one baby every three years. Their lifespan without feeding was increased from 20 days to one year.

The dead are walking. Will you make it out alive?

The uninfected do much better in this scenario. The exponential increase in the number of zombies is delayed by about 10 days but then it rises exponentially as before.

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However, at days there are still roughly million uninfected left alive. Would you have the skills needed to rebuild civilisation? Check out his top tips on how to survive should you find yourself facing the end of the world…. Well, there are loads of everyday objects that could help you in an emergency situation. Simply fill your bottle, and leave it out in the sunshine. It uses the same process called gasification that was used to power cars across Europe during the Second World War!

Find a spot near a river with fresh water you can drink, and start learning how to grow your own food. Just make sure you avoid the Arctic circle or the middle of a desert!

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One of the best things to get your hands on is a car battery and alternator. Use them to make a simple windmill or a watermill to recharge the battery. A scaveneged solar panel can be used to charge your mobile phone. Simply point the minute hand towards the sun and halfway between the number 12 and the hour hand will show you where south is!

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Do you know anyone who owns an allotment, who has the skills to grow their own food? People like computer programmers or astrobiologists like me! Schools will be attending on Wednesday-Friday, with families encouraged to come down on Saturday 19 March, where the activity will be focused on careers and aimed primarily at year olds. For more information and tickets, head to thebigbangfair. While you wait for it to be checked and approved why not to add a pre-selected message and a cool badge. Id better get packing a survival kit - not sure Id like to live in a prison, even if it is a zombie apocalypse!

Ask a parent or guardian to check it out first and remember to stay safe online. See all. What would YOU do if the world was ending?