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Published by Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt About this Item: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt, Condition: Fine. Original cloth bdg. In German and Hittite texts.

Madduwatta s was a king of Arzawa, in Anatolia, about 14th or 13th century BC. Probably, Madduwatta was first a local king of a Lukka city-state at coast of southwestern Asia Minor. He faced a struggle, in the Lukka Lands, against a "man from Ahhiya", named Attarsiya or Atreus, in Hellenized rendering and lost his rule. Tudhaliya II, great king of Hittite Empire, gave Madduwatta asylum, and even gave him the mountainous kingdom Zippasla i.

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Sippylos, the mountainous part of Lydia? Once more, Tudhaliya defeated Madduwatta's enemy and restored Madduwatta to his throne. And then, Madduwatta's previous enemy Attarisiya attacked Zippasla, with chariots.

This time, Madduwatta did not even defend himself, but fled a third time to the Hittites. Tudhaliya sent a third army under Kisnapali a Hittite general to the land to drive Attarissiya out. This time, the Hittite army was ordered to stay. Madduwatta, apparently, then decided he was never again going to suffer such indignities. But while Kisnapili was on his way to Hinduwa, Madduwatta allied with Dalawa, and with its help ambushed and killed Kisnapali.

Independent once more, Madduwatta married the Arzawan king's daughter, and soon took that kingdom too. The flourishing of Madduwatta is reported as B. When Tudhaliya ordered Madduwatta to put down a revolt in Hapalla or Caballa , he did - but then Madduwatta forced Hapalla, too, to switch loyalty to his own side. He then bullied Pisidia into his kingdom, even closer to the Hittite heartland.

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Madduwatta's Rebellion

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