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He has firm abs and cold, chilling eyes. She swallows the lump in her throat as she says her greetings, "Good Morning, Chief! Brocade Star of Love. Chapter Negative Outlook 14 hrs ago. Chapter Shocking Schizophrenia Behavior 24 hrs ago. Chapter The Adults Affairs 2 days ago. Chapter Would Not Marry Her 3 days ago. Chapter Qiao Nan Was Mad 3 days ago. Chapter Fallen Into Her trap 3 days ago. Chapter Teach With Own Examples 3 days ago. Chapter Who Was That Warrior? You may intereting in. It worked! Having an hour to myself before the kids woke up gave me the little bit of extra time that I needed to get things done and start the day off right.

I felt like I was living life so much more purposefully and it was amazing how one short hour totally changed the mood of my day! So, I invited him to join my morning routine and together we figured out a new COUPLE morning routine that worked the best for both of us. It has made such a huge difference for us, that I wanted to share it with you. Now, of course, you can personalize your own routine to include things that are most important to you and your spouse- everyone has different goals and priorities. But hopefully these little bits of morning routine advice will give you a good jumping off point and lead you to the happy marriage we all strive for.

8 Things You Should Do With Your Spouse Every Morning

Not sure how you feel about waking up earlier? Just try it and see for yourself! The first thing my husband and I do when we wake up is read our scriptures. Instead of reaching for our phones first thing- we reach for our scriptures.

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This is one of my favorite marriage tips that leads to a happy marriage — commune with God together. After we read our scriptures, we kneel down next to our bed, hold hands, and say a prayer together. We like to take turns saying the prayer each morning and it only takes a minute. Listening to my husband pray over me and our children is seriously one of my favorite things in the world.

We believe that when we love God first, we can love each other better and have a stronger, happier marriage.

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After scriptures and prayers, we exercise together. I know, I know. But it seriously makes a BIG difference! This is the part of my morning routine that helps burn off stress, improves my mood, and boosts my self confidence. I am always happier and more productive on the days when I exercise. And it feels SO good getting it done first thing in the morning.

Our early morning routine sweat sessions are sort of like mini daily dates for us. Spending that time together does wonders for our marriage. We like to go downstairs and pick a Beachbody On Demand workout to do together.

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But you can do any exercise that you enjoy. Just get moving and get that heart rate up. Someone once told me her best marriage advice was to shower together! Showering together saves time, water, money- and adds a little romance to your morning if you know what I mean.

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Take the time to STOP and enjoy a nice, hot, relaxing shower together. But guess what? Plus, check out these fun robes! This morning routine is all about self-care.

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  8. So take that shower and enjoy it! Oh, and a shower radio makes things even more fun! Just saying.

    Turn on some music and sing and dance together. Again, this step may be obvious. But make sure that after you take your shower- you get ready for the day. STOP and get dressed and ready for the day. Besides looking good for my husband, I want to look good for myself. Again, it may seem like a small thing but sitting down together for a meal makes the day go so much smoother than before when we were running late and grabbing whatever we could find to eat in the car as we rushed out the door to get the kids to school.

    Not every day will feel like a Bed and Breakfast, but your family and your marriage will benefit. Before, I was so busy getting the kids food that I would sometimes forgot to eat anything myself before heading out the door. Is there a parent-teacher conference? Piano lessons? Do we need to go grocery shopping? Run by the bank? Fill the car with gas? Finally, before you head out the door and go separate ways- make sure you kiss him goodbye. Give him a nice, long kiss and a hug and let him know that he is totally loved.

    This final act in your morning routine can fill that love bucket throughout the day. I feel like a million bucks and am ready to tackle the day with energy and enthusiasm. A habit takes 21 days to cement. Begin this morning routine today and is 3 weeks let us know how it transforms your mood and your marriage. And if you have any tips and ideas from your own morning routine, please share with us in the comments!