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Instead, sit down and strategically plan out your blog posts. A key aspect to inbound marketing is knowing your customers very well. Based on the buyer persona that you create, you can create content that will interest your ideal client. What that means is creating goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. To avoid inbound marketing mistakes, create a plan that can be tracked through quantitative data.

For example, instead of stating that you will write blog posts this week, you should plan on writing three blog posts this week. You can then track your progress and hold yourself accountable to completing what you said you would in a specific time period. Blogging creates a content annuity that delivers value over time. By writing blog posts, you are continuously adding new indexed pages to your website. Each indexed page, with the help of SEO, is an opportunity to show up in search engines, resulting in traffic being driven to your website.

Blog posts are a great way to create leads. Get educated! Two years later, I contacted my friend, Chetan, who owned a promising software company in India. I had met him through a Yahoo Chat group years earlier. I offered to help him run his company so he could focus on software development. In return, he would teach me everything he knew about software.

He was hesitant because I lacked the understanding of software development. He agreed. All thanks to social media.

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I spent the next two years learning everything I could about technology, and Chetan received over 1, new customers from my social media efforts. In our third year, Chetan and I got aggressive and built our own social network to compete against Facebook and Myspace. It was a grueling nine months of writing code and designing hundreds of web pages with eighteen developers and four designers.

Even though I didnt write any of the code, it was a wonderful experience to be part of the technology side of social media. Our website, Ojeez, was the 17,th most visited website in the world out of millions, according to its Alexa rating Alexa is a website that has ranked the most popular sites on the web since We had offers to sell out early, but I couldnt resist building the next big social network.

It was a wonderful experience, but after a couple of years, Facebook was the clear winner in the social network war. With four years of technology and thirteen years of network marketing and social media experience, I joined my next network marketing company, Oxyfresh. I was excited to put everything I learned to work. The combination of technology, network marketing and social media know-how was working. Toward the end of , I attended the first social media event happening in the United States in Denver, Colorado. It took me 13 years to realize what I was doing online had a name.

The speaker at the event called it social media. I just saw it as making new friends online. At the end of the event, hundreds of people were still confused because the speaker did not teach them how to grow a business using it. I knew with my experience, I could coach and train entrepreneurs on how to grow their business. I started a consulting practice, working with network marketing professionals in various companies. I taught them how to build a network on sites like Facebook and, more importantly, how to generate sales. Two years later, I relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Alongside Todd and Donna Newman, I co-launched Summa Social, an agency dedicated to small business and network marketing professionals. Over the next three years, we became one of the largest social media agencies in Arizona. We helped manage hundreds of small business owners and network marketing professionals with their social media accounts. We coached or trained more than 10, entrepreneurs. Six Sigma helps companies maximize their efficiency and is used by more than two-thirds of the Fortune companies.

Six Sigma taught me to create simple systems that yield maximum success without making things complicated. In October , my wife, Marianne, relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. She wanted to be an entrepreneur without needing to raise a lot of money, open an office or hire employees, so she joined a network marketing company called ViSalus, which markets The Body by VI Challenge, a platform for weight-loss and fitness results.

ViSalus was a vigorous company, but her body didnt do well with their soy-based protein. We discovered that she doesnt do well with any type of soy products, even the vegan soy cheese found in Whole Foods. A few months later, she joined a new company called Zurvita. Though Marianne is not actively building that business today, the team continues to thrive within the company. Zurvita also offered me the opportunity to be their Social Media Director.

This position allowed me to put all of my experience from technology, network marketing. They are now recognized as the th largest network marketing company in the world, according to Direct Selling News. Working closely with Facebook-approved companies, Jim and Brian were able to validate that Zurvita is one of the top network marketing companies on Facebook. More importantly, tens of thousands of distributors are having more success because they understand how to use Facebook.

With 19 years of experience in network marketing, social media and technology, I give to you what has worked for me as a distributor and tens of thousands of other distributors I worked with directly or indirectly throughout the years. Brian Carter Ive been in Internet marketing since During that time, Ive innovated in multiple areas: search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, squeeze pages, lead gen, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn advertising and all types of social media.

You may wonder if Im a generalist. What I actually do is obsessively dive into a topic, read everything I can on it, find out what really works and what doesnt, do it for companies, further refine my sense of what works and what doesnt and then teach it. I am a results- focused system builder and teacher.

For example, in writing my book LinkedIn For Business, I discovered that although there are at least ten different LinkedIn marketing tactics, only three of them reliably create results. Because Internet marketing is so vast and complicated, and because every company has limited time and money, its just as critical to know whats not worth doing as what you should do. When Jim and I discussed this project, I had already written four books, been a professional speaker and taught Internet marketing to more than 10, people.

We realized we would make a great team, and I was excited to see what Jim had discovered. Ive worked with and spoken to companies such as NBC, Microsoft and Marketo about digital marketing and social media.

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Weve helped our clients get major results with Facebook, including fans, email leads, engagement and sales. Ive seen clients get fans and post interactions for less than one cent each and ecommerce ROIs of up to percent. Ive already written two social media books about Facebook, but this book is. Jim is the network marketing expert, not me, and his success using Facebook for network marketing is the lynchpin of this book. Im the backup on all types of Facebook marketing and what has worked for other companies that you can try out in network marketing.

Oh, and Im the funny one. When I keynote speak, Im all about practical takeaways, motivation and entertainment. When it comes to consulting, Im drop-dead serious. Its all about getting you results. So Read The Whole Book! We hope you love this book and are confident that if you apply its lessons, youll boost your income significantly! Remember: If you want more than whats in the book Bring the book to life with diagrams and how-to videos. Most people try to rely on Facebook alone as their entire strategy when they are amateurs in our industry. They are looking for a fast way to make big money with little to no effort.

They are looking for the magic bullet, the white elephant, the new shiny toy that takes them down the easy street to riches, and some gurus are happy to oblige. Just ten years ago, emailing someone a presentation was the magic bullet to riches, and seven years before that it was VHS tapes. We all want instant results. It is the reason fast food restaurants and instant oatmeal are so popular.

Frustration sets in when Facebook doesnt perform to their expectations. Is Facebook the problem? Not even close. When you use Facebook as the lone strategy, it will fail you. When you use it as part of a bigger strategy, you will develop deep, meaningful relationships with those who eventually become customers and distributors on your team. The whole strategy is comprised of passion, people skills and communication skills. This is what separates the amateurs from the pros. Facebook is part of the strategy, not the whole strategy. You Need Passion Why did you join your network marketing company?

You can put every reason into two categories: you want to make more money or you want to have more time to do the things you love. Want a new car, home or clothes for the family? That falls under making more money. Want to see your childrens basketball games or go on more family vacations rather than stay late at the office?

These fall under wanting more time in your life. Understanding your passion keeps you going when times get tough. And they will. You are an entrepreneur now. You will also inspire everyone around you to chase their passion and never give up. Think about it. Gini is ready to quit network marketing, so you give her a pep talk sharing your passion and why it means so much to have success in your network marketing company. She changes her mind and keeps pushing on. We understand because weve been thereseveral times!

You Need People Skills People need to genuinely like you and vice versa. If they dont feel a connection with you, theyll find someone else to work witheven if they love your company. For example, lets say Mike is taking a look at your business.

Building Your Network Marketing Business

Youre excited, smiling and focusing on him while talking about all of the fun the both of you will have if he joins. Do you think he might become a distributor? Theres a good chance. You Need Communication Skills You need to learn to get your point across with the least possible amount of words. Inspire others to become a customer and a distributor or refer you to someone else. Youre excited. You believe you have the best product and opportunity in the world.

Once theyre ready to join or buy, stop talking! If your friend is ready to be a customer, but you cant stop talking about every single feature, you may talk them out of taking action before you realize it. Talk With People Face To Face No matter how many friends you have on Facebook, nothing deepens a relationship like being with them in person. In person, youre more likely to have meaningful conversations about life and business than you are online.

Do you only talk to your best friend on Facebook? Or do you spend time with them face to face? Being with them in person creates shared experiences that last a lifetime. Imagine one of your distributors, Amanda, just enrolled her fourth distributor in one month, and she lives 10 minutes from you. You congratulate her on Facebook so that everyone else can join in cheering her on. Now think about how much more excited Amanda will be when you invite her out to a celebration lunch, as well. The next best thing is a phone call. Did you know that your voice is as unique as your fingerprint?

When we hear others voices, we strengthen our relationships. Steve, your newest distributor across the country, sends out 15 samples to friends and family in his first week. As always, you congratulate him on Facebook. Then you take that extra step and call him.

He hears the excitement in your voice, and it motivates him to push beyond his comfort level. Steve hears, Youre doing a great job! I believe in you. No one ever believed in him before you. Do you think hes going to work even harder now? Those who attend company events develop a different type of appreciation for the product and opportunity. Theyre the most passionate distributors in the company because they hear the vision directly from the company owners and executive team.

They spend quality time with other distributors from around the world who also attend. A culture is shared at events and attendees take that back to pass on to their teams. Sherry is on the fence about becoming a distributor with your company. She decides to attend an event with you. She meets 10 more people who are as excited as you are, all sharing customer testimonials.

Sherry gets excited and comes on board the next morning. They prioritize acquiring customers, not recruiting distributors. The products deliver such high value that each distributor will typically have 10 or 20 personal customers. Companies end up recruiting a lot of distributors indirectly in the process. Your teams best distributors start as the most passionate customers. They have an unwavering commitment to building the company long-term without jumping from one network marketing company to another.

Instead of talking about how much money you can earn by being a distributor, first try handing out samples to capture interest for your products from your friends. Pursue Personal Development We all need to grow. We can all be better. We cant earn a six-figure income in network marketing without expanding our mind first. You do, and that change is between your ears.

Most believe personal growth is the number one ingredient for success. We agree. Personal development happens by listening to audios, reading, attending events and having a personal coach. Network Marketing Is A Numbers Game Its easy to become frustrated when the people you know decide not to purchase your product or become a distributor. Rejection is the top reason people struggle with sales.

You can ease your frustration by understanding the numbers of network marketing. On average, you will enroll one new distributor for every twenty people who look at your opportunity. For customers, it might be one out of every five who try a sample. Ask your company leadership to break down the numbers for your company.

Understanding the numbers allows you to create a clear plan to success. Just because someone says no today doesnt mean theyll say no tomorrow. Its a timing issue. At some point in a. Its your job to stay in touch with them as a friend until the timing is right. Final Thoughts Making Facebook part of your strategy means youll never run out of conversation partners or opportunities to build strong relationships with current customers, distributors and friends who could be the next to join. And now that you understand how network marketing requires passion, people skills and communication skills, youll be able to grow in them and apply them to Facebook without relying on Facebook alone.

Why You Should Use Facebook. As a network marketing professional, success happens when someone buys your products then shares the results with her friends, motivating them to buy the product, too. This process repeats over and over, making you more money each time. The more you share your products with others, the greater your success will be. Since people sharing your products is one of the most important aspects of your business, wouldnt it make sense to join the community with the most people and the easiest ways for you to connect with them? The best and largest community for networking and sales is Facebook.

It has more than one billion users and is five times more popular than the next most popular social network. The Future Of Network Marketing Is Now In , we were told by one of the most successful network marketing distributors of all time the following: If someone could figure out how to build relationships on the Internet, they would build the biggest team of distributors in the history of network marketing. Relationships with your friends, customers and distributors is the key to long-term success in our industry.

People order products and build business with those they know, like and trust. These three ingredients create the essence of a healthy relationship between you and another person. Think about your own network marketing business. Your best customers and distributors are those with whom you have the best relationships. Look at the most successful distributors in your company, as well. The same holds true for them.

The Internet has fascinated every network marketing professional since the mids. The fastest way for us to build relationships pre-Internet was to invite friends to a weekly hotel or house meeting. Between these meetings, we shared cassette and VHS tapes that demonstrated the power of our products and the opportunity those products presented. Most friends didnt join until the meeting, which meant that it could take up to six days before they joined as a distributor. In the late 90s and early s, we skipped the cassette and VHS tape step and emailed contacts a slide and, eventually, a video presentation.

Friends signed up as customers and distributors in as little as a few hours. People were making buying and joining decisions much more quickly. It wasnt until social networks social media that we had an Internet platform that. As Facebook became the dominant player in the social media space and, undoubtedly, the easiest place online to build relationships, we got goose bumps.

An eleven-year-old prediction from one of the most highly recognized distributors in network marketing had come true. Facts About Facebook Lets look at the facts about Facebook. As of June, , Facebook boasted the following numbers: 1. Do you know any other website that has this many active members in their community? There isnt one. Alexa currently has Facebook ranked at number two, right behind Google. Of course, Google is not really a community. Google Plus, Googles half-hearted attempt at social media, has had nowhere near the success of Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook has 7, employees, 14 offices in the United States and 34 international offices. This strong infrastructure allows Facebook to continue building features into a website that empowers network marketing professionals to thrive with their business. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said, I want to connect the world. He isnt driven by money.

His passion to connect people is your opportunity to build a successful network marketing business in a shorter period of time than was possible before social media. There are other social media sites as well, but Facebook makes it easier than any of them to build relationships. Twitters conversations are more fragmented and not gathered in any one place. On LinkedIn, in the few places where people gather often enough to converse, people are speaking from behind their professional personas, which can create walls rather than bridges.

Facebook is better for conversations because people spend the most time there, you see comments for a post all together, and private messages are grouped in an even more convenient way than most email discussions. Seeing the conversation all together on Facebook makes meaningful interactions easier. Lets check out Facebooks current features and how each benefits someone in network marketing. Profile: People do business with you because they know, like and trust you.

Your profile allows others to learn about you in the way you want. You can share your interests, photos, work history and more. Others can even see a timeline of your life on Facebook. Newsfeed: People do business with you because you interact with them as a friend. The Newsfeed is where you see posts from friends and pages youve liked. It shows you what your friends are posting on Facebook and allows you to interact with those posts. The Newsfeed is different for everyone.

Its your personalized view of your Facebook community. Graph Search: You never want to run out of people to speak with about your products. If you keep finding new people, eventually youll gather enough customers to create your success. Graph Search makes it easy to connect with new people through the use of search phrases. For example: Friends of friends who grew up in your hometown. When you reach out to these people, there is a mutual connection, making it more likely that they want to become friends and try your products.

Messenger: This is private messaging. Network marketing is about building relationships. The stronger your relationships, the more customers and distributors you have on your team. The fastest way to build a relationship is connecting with someone one on one. With Messenger, you can send private messages similar to email , make free phone calls all around the world, video chat have face-to-face conversations without leaving the comfort of your home , text chat, and speak with many people privately at the same time.

Photos and Video: People often buy products for emotional reasons. First, they might hear an amazing testimonial from someone they trust. Then, they see their friends using your product. Next, they see a beautiful picture of the raw ingredients and read how impactful they can be to their lives.

Photos and video capture the emotion of your product. Share that on Facebook by uploading an unlimited number of videos and high- resolution photos. You can create a story of your business through photo albums. You can even tag others. Tagging attaches the emotional power of friendships to each photo and video and can lead others to share it with their friends. Pages: Your friends may know, like and trust you already.

Guiding them to interact directly with the larger direct sales company allows you to focus on the relationship and not be the end-all-be-all expert on your product or opportunity. Pages gives the direct sales company a presence on Facebook. Once your friend likes your companys page, they will start to receive updates from the company. They can also share the company updates with their friends.

Your company is working for you. Groups: Your friends will become distributors on your team faster if they experience what it will be like before they join the company. Groups create a private space on Facebook where you communicate with your team and prospects. Groups connect you with other people who may have an interest in your products. Events: As impressive as Facebook is for your business, you still need to meet with people face to face to build that unbreakable relationship for long-term business. You can use Events to invite your friends to local, regional and national meetings for your company.

Your friends can also invite others to the event, as well. Gifts: Showing appreciation to one of your hard working distributors inspires them to build a bigger business. Gifts provide an easy way for you to send them a gift card from different brands, such as Starbucks, Target and The Cheesecake Factory. You can even make the gesture public so others can see your gift. Save: Success in network marketing requires growth in personal development and education in areas of your product, network marketing, people and communication skills.

Create a library of saved materials to help you grow in each of these areas. Facebook For Every Phone: You may have an interest in building your business in other countries. Those people need access to Facebook. Facebook For Every Phone is a partnership between Facebook and mobile operators, allowing more people to connect to Facebook in underserved countries.

Final Thoughts If youre like us, your mind is probably swirling with the possibilities of how Facebook can help you achieve your success in network marketing. If these features excite you, wait until you learn about the dozens of smaller features found throughout Facebook, such as friend and interest lists and happy birthday. We cover those in later chapters! With over a billion people on Facebook, you can easily find those who will love your products. Since three of every four smartphones have Facebook and more than half of users visit every day, it takes no effort to find people while theyre on the go.

You might find that your friends, family and those you met in the past are already on Facebook and would love to connect with you. How many of them might be interested in your products? Those who are not may refer your products to their friends if you share your products with them in a professional manner without hype. How many of their friends might be interested, as well? You can receive an endless supply of referrals if you run a professional business on Facebook. Facebook gives you the opportunity to build real relationships with others.

Is a friend or a stranger more inclined to try your products and share them with friends? From our experience, friends are always more open to trying products and referring them to their friends.

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Facebook is social proof. According to Robert Cialdini, who coined the term in his book Influence, social proof is when people copy what others are doing- they mimic and conform to others in an effort to behave correctly in any given situation. For example, if several people look at the sky, you may look up, too. If 20 people line up outside a restaurant, youll tend to think its a great restaurant and want to go in yourself. Whether you are looking to build your business in your own backyard or share it around the world, Facebook is the perfect destination, a destination that allows you to meet unlimited amounts of people and build impeccable relationships with themif you are willing to put in the time and effort.

As you have probably heard many times in network marketing, relationships are the key to your success.

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Remember: If you need more than the book Bring the book to life with diagrams and how-to videos. We can move mountains when we belong to a group of passionate people working toward the same goals, supporting each other every day. Support is a part of the foundation to success, and it works like this in network marketing: Are you excited? Share this feeling with everyone so they can catch your excitement like a viral video. Are you discouraged? Share this feeling with everyone so they can lift you up. Do you have questions?

Share them with everyone so they can answer them for you. Whatevers on your mind, you can share it with a support team and never have to go through anything alone. Imagine if you had access to a support team 24 hours a day. Your chances of failing virtually disappear. A personal story from Jim: In , we met Nikki, a driven and passionate woman. She was contacting 10 to 15 new people a day about her network marketing business. She wanted to be the top recruiter in the company within 90 days.

It was an impressive goal, but she needed to increase her numbers by 5 to 10 a day to achieve it. She was convinced she could not increase her numbers because of her hectic life: working a 9 to 5 job, rushing home to let the dogs out, cooking dinner while her children hung on her legs. How could she still find time to grow her business and spend time with her loving spouse? Like most people getting started in network marketing, she wasnt using her time effectively.

The support tool I used at the time was Yahoo Chat Messenger. If you were not on the Internet in , the messenger worked the way Facebook Chat does today. Every night, we called the people who had requested more information about our business while supporting each other on Yahoo Chat. The conversation on Yahoo Chat went as follows:. Jim: Oh boy! I am off to a rocking start! Six voicemails in a row. How are you doing? Nikki: laughs I already got three people who are not interested. Jim: Yes! Our first no! Isnt it fun talking to each other on chat while we are calling people who requested information about our business?

Nikki: It definitely makes calling people more fun, and I dont feel alone. Ah, shoot! This girl sounded promising. She wants to wait until next month, though. I am at four nos. Just got a yes.

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I think this guy will do really great. He has been searching for an opportunity because he was just downsized. Nikki: Wow! I got a yes! She wants to sign up right now. She already looked at the website. Jim: Right on! We had a blast. After 45 days, Nikki was the top recruiter in the company. She had achieved her goal. Before Facebook Groups, a network marketing professional could only support a limited amount of people due to the technology available and ease of use.

But before we go into groups, lets explain why they work better for our purposes than Facebook Messenger or a Facebook Page. Lets imagine a scenario. John creates a group and has 10, people on his network marketing team.

So my advice is make sure you know who they are. Identify them quickly.

He wants to invite all 10, to the group. Each of them invite three friends, and then we have 30, people in the group. Messages require you to type in each persons name at some point, and this is just an unrealistic amount of work when you suddenly add hundreds or thousands of people. When you create a Facebook Page and get fans, you can reach them by posting on your page, but not because they go back to your page.

In fact, only about one percent of fans go back per month. The reason they see your post is that Facebook puts it in their Newsfeed. Remember, Newsfeed is the stream of posts you see when you log into Facebook or click on Home. But Facebook doesnt show your page post to every fan. In fact, in , Facebook admitted that the average pages posts only showed to about 16 percent of their fans.

Facebook does show posts they think people will like, so the pages that better understand their audience can reach more. Agorapulse, a Facebook tool company, found in May that famous athletes were still reaching an average of 33 percent of their fans. That means the most effective pages get more of their posts seen, but the ineffective page posts rarely reach anyone. You want to reach as close to percent as possible of the distributors youre supporting.

I am glad you commented and to make others aware of this. Thanks for sharing! Grab Your 8 Step Checklist:. Check Your Email For Your. How do Forums Benefit You? What Forums Should You Join? So What Do You Think? Please comment and share with others. Share the Knowledge Facebook. Leave new. Thank you! This is a great list with a ton of value! Eric Tippetts. Thanks Melissa. Great to hear from you! Have a great day! Good luck Arun.