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Retirement plans are more successful when education and hands-on management are part of the program. Our advisors and accountants develop deep relationships with clients. We take an entrepreneurial approach to solving their problems. This is why many clients have grown up with our firm. They see us as a trusted advisor who provides a sounding board, creative engine and path-clearer to their goals. The professionals of Provenance Wealth Advisors provide a comprehensive approach to estate, financial, business and investment planning.

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We take pride in helping clients to navigate complex financial and risk environments. Raymond James does not give tax advice. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professionals. Therefore, a response to a request for information may be delayed.

So, we need two words. One to clarify the chain of ownership for art historians, and one to clarify the context of an object for archaeologists. Let us consider the meaning of a silver denarius , one of an estimated The provenance of that coin could include its creation in the mint in Italy, its loss in a shipwreck in the Adriatic sea, its recovery by shell divers, its purchase first by an antiquities dealer, then by a tourist who left it to her son who eventually sold it to the museum.

The denarius's authenticity is established in part by its chain of ownership from the shipwreck. It all comes down to a question of context. Because provenance for an art historian is important to establish ownership, but provenience is interesting to an archaeologist to establish meaning. In , reader Eric P elegantly nailed the difference with a pair of apt metaphors : Provenience is an artifact's birthplace, while Provenance is an artifact's resume.

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