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All the more reason a modern touchup could elevate things and add a little more nuance and originality. Even with that in mind, I always found Elibe to be a compelling and fleshed out continent. The likes of Illia, Sacae, and Etruria offer up varied backdrops and cultural analogs, and the history and legends of the region always felt more integral to its present compared to other titles.

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That means potential class overlap, which means options to fit your playstyle and personal tastes. That quantity does affect the quality though, as many of the characters run the risk of seeming flat be it in their designs or personalities. To its credit, Fire Emblem Heroes has made some notice of a few standouts both playable and not. Narcian and Zephiel are both not only available, but were some of the earliest enemy characters to receive that privilege in Heroes; a few members of its cast received summer versions just this month, and earlier this year a whole Focus was composed of Binding Blade recruits making their mobile debut.

There is some footing for it, though: Three Houses seems to be taking inspiration from it in terms of plot progression and themes, and a few returning gameplay systems.

If you can get past or ideally gel with its difficulty and unique twists, Genealogy is plenty enjoyable and intriguing as is. Binding Blade, on the other hand, would benefit much more from a new coat of paint. Your email address will not be published. Add to Wishlist. Learn More.

Shadow Warrior resurrected by Hard Reset developer

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Add to Basket. Karen Hancock. Patrick W Carr. Stephen Lawhead. The Shadow Lamp.

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King's War 03 in Kinsman Chronicles Series. Jill Williamson. Kingdom 03 in Chiveis Trilogy Series. The samurai raised his blade in preparation for a ten uchi strike, yet with the lack of sensation in his hands he had not noticed the turn of his blade, the cutting edge slashed into a tree at his back. The icy bark refused to cede the sword, and soon the samurai's hands themselves would not respond.

Before long, the warrior's body was scarcely his own, the winter witch's noxious requiem seemingly at an end. As the vivacity drained from the samurai's husk, and the last of his fortitude faded the icy sorceress unleashed a violent wail. It flooded him, a frigid ferocity that imbued the dying warrior with a bitter essence so intense, it forced his dim perception into oblivion. His nose, near as long as a wakizashi handle, was freakish.

The samurai looked into the fire, and beheld a memory. A trivial battle upon a frozen plane. A barrage of bullets, a hot rain in the midst of a winter storm. When I slew the yuki-onna, her essence.

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Trapped between life and death. Very extraordinary, I confess. The fire dimmed. He explored the earthen walls of the burrow, there was no obvious egress. The samurai held his hands to the fire, but they would not warm. Nearer then, and the flames recoiled with an ethereal wail. A shine came into his lustrous eyes, and his silken black head joggled to and fro. The far wall of the den collapsed to form a passage as the fire died.

The bright, cold light of day inundated the breach. North of Mount Takao.

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Banished from my Tengudo - Now, come! He then held his staff aloft, and rattled the rings sharply. In the midst of the air, the imperfection spread, became as intense as the sun and crossed the threshold of his vision. Yuki-akari collapsed to his knees beneath the anguish. On and on it overawed the warrior, scorching his sight. A colorless miasma veiled the dense foliage, and here, the utmost stillness reigned. Yuki-akari felt a supple wind upon his face, yet its song escaped his hearing. The Tengu's feathers shuddered, his eyes glimmered with rage.

It is said he once roamed the southern sea, but his craving for the flesh of men drew him inland.