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In this episode, you'll find out how Andy's recent road trip turned into a crypto-research mission in Columbus, Indiana. Then the guys welcome Eric Altman back to the show for In this episode you will hear him speak about his experiences in and around Salt Fork State Park, Ohio's Bigfoot headquarters. The audio was obtained October With reports that date back to the s, Alabama has a rich heritage of Bigfoot sightings, and this episode presents quite Stan Gordon began his journey in field investigations in Pennsylvania in That summer, alarmed citizens also reported encounters with huge Bigfoot-like creatures, and very SasWhat has awesome listeners, and this episode is proof.


Mark and Andy read and respond to some pretty cool letters from the mailbag. But first they cover an eclectic assortment of news items, and announce an upcoming series of episodes It's an idea that keeps some kids awake at night: "What if I look out my bedroom window and see Bigfoot? But first they stop by the News Desk for David Floyd, Associate Professor of English at Charleston Southern University, is becoming an increasingly well-known presenter on the Bigfoot conference circuit. In this episode, he joins Andy and Mark for a conversation that reflects on his experience at the In this episode, Andy and Mark are joined by Bryan Borgman for a conversation that emphasizes the fun side of cryptozoology.

Bryan has become a mainstay of crypto-conferences in Ohio and West Virginia with his various lines of monstrous goodies, Andy and Mark take a look back on the trail, dash, and drone cam videos that made the rounds on social media, as well as stories that made the Place's "On the Track of Bigfoot," the book that served as Mark's introduction to the Sasquatch phenomenon.

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Mark and Seth are back! The topic of discussion this week is the upcoming Boggy Creek Monster. The guys sit down to talk about the finished After a brief? This time they recap Minerva Monster Day and even play a brief section of Loren Coleman's talk on the subject of Bigfoot and how it related to the Minerva case. This week Seth sits down with Shannon Legro of Into the Fray for a lengthy chat about some of the more bizarre Bigfoot theories out there. From shape shifting to cloaking to telepathy they dig into an array of various We're back!

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This week we wanted to take yet another look at more recent sightings of Bigfoot across the state of Ohio. Well, it turns out you guys had other plans so after reading your letters we were left with Mark and Seth are back to talk about the hidden, giant peoples of the north!

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That's right, we're finally broaching the subject of giant skeletons, giant, hairy people and the unseen tribes of the world. Learn the true origins of Mark and Seth return with a very special guest!

But in recent years, with the use of advanced video analysis, scientists and many other people now believe that the video shows actual footage of Bigfoot. Every year, many people who camp, hike, or just live normal lives in rural communities report sightings of Bigfoot. The creature's height is said to range between 6 and 10 feet 1.

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He is covered in reddish or brownish hair from head to foot. He also of course has very, very big feet. There are many people trying to prove the existence of this being, and they follow up many leads and reported sightings. Vast area of uninhabited forests and mountains in Canada and the US have yet to be thoroughly and properly explored. Could it be possible that a large, unknown humanoid lives among us? Other countries like Australia, Indonesia, and China have reported similar creatures too.

It remains a mystery that may one day be solved. So if you go for a vacation to the woods in North America, be careful. Keep your camera ready. Myths and monsters may exist.

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Step 1: You will listen to an article about Bigfoot. The article is about 4. Listen only, and don't worry about understanding everything. Step 2: Read and understand the questions, then listen again. Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Three research scientists and a Forest Ranger have committed their time and energy to spend the summer in eastern Washington State in the great northwest searching to prove or disprove the myth surrounding Bigfoot.

None of them believe that it will lead to more than a few scant clues and only meager evidence that will merely carry on the folklore. That is until they stumble upon hard evidence of the creature through a series of events that will not be easy for them or you to accept as factual. Not only is the myth of Bigfoot tackled head on but answers to such questions as UFO Unidentified Flying Objects , crop circles, cattle and horse mutilations and the question of "are we alone in the universe" are examined and illuminated.


A strange rescue mission is asked of the team but all along they must contend with the harassment of disgraceful journalists, whose mission is not necessarily the truth. The team must deal with world governments and the U. Scavenger star races are set to invade but no one believes the team and they have nowhere to turn for help until a "special friend" lends some assistance in hopes of saving the people of the entire planet.

The Answer is excitement, humor, love and startling revelations that will keep you interested to see what happens next. You will have to decide for yourself if this is a work of science fiction or a factual account of an elaborate cover-up. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 15 business days.

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